We recently presented a joint seminar with Barnes Roffe LLP Accountants on business cash extraction and dividend planning in light of the recent changes to the treatment of dividend tax that come into force from 6th April 2016.

To view the slides, please click here:Barnes Roffe Tax Seminar

The seminar addressed companies that have built up a large cash surplus in their business and wish to extract this money out in the most tax efficient manner.

With effect from 6th April, dividend payments will be subject to an increase of 7.5% tax across all tax thresholds for payments in excess of £5,000.00. We looked at alternative ways of drawing money out more tax efficiently such as funding pensions and using the new pension freedom rules to take the money with a lower rate of tax.

We also considered HMRC approved investments that carry excellent incentives such as tax relief on contributions and tax free returns. Note these carry high levels of investment risk and are not suitable for everyone.

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