Auto Enrolment Specialists

Are you as an employee aware of the auto enrolment process? You may have heard it mentioned by other employees or managers in the workplace but not really asked or researched about this process. Being auto enrolment specialists, it is our aim to educate employees across the UK about their rights and to educate them on what benefits they are legally allowed from their employer.

The workplace pension is a new saving process, designed to support employees across the UK with the saving and preparation for their retirement. Some workplace pensions are called occupational, works, company or work-based pensions; but it is widely recognised as the workplace pension. From your pay, there is a percentage of money deducted from your salary, and your employer also adds a percentage into your pension also.

As a new law, you will be automatically enrolled. But for many people, they are still waiting for this process to begin. Even though the main focus of the auto-enrolment process is about your pension, we feel that people need more education about it as a whole. As an independent financial company of advisors, we are here to offer cost-effective, pro-active and bespoke financial services to best meet your needs and deliver what you as an employee or businessman or woman need.

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