Charity investment – maximising growth

charity investment

Too often we see fund managers targeting some standard indices with no relevance to your portfolio’s asset allocation.

Their fund name will generally not confirm the nature of the fund (e.g. Cautious, Balanced) but rather just be called “Charity Fund”

Charity investment – maximising growth

A charity approached Generation Charity Consultancy having invested £26m in a popular balanced multi asset fund, which had achieved 33.2% growth over the last 5 years. On the face of it the charity was happy with the performance. However, our peer analysis* of over 250,000 investor records confirmed a competitive return for that time period and risk profile should have been 41.6%, not the 33.2% achieved – that equates to a difference of over £2m. That sum could make such a difference to any charitable organisation and its beneficiaries.

This highlights why it is crucial to compare the whole market, and therefore understand who the consistent performers are by regularly reviewing peer performance.


By undertaking a regular independent review we ensure our clients’ portfolios have greater potential to maximise growth within the chosen risk profile.

* click here for further information on our Central Investment Proposition

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