Investment advisers – managing investments and risk

managing investments and risk

Generation Charity Consultancy’s access to independent analysis from circa 250,000 live discretionary portfolios means our experts can build a robust selection process with continual reviews of the fund managers*.

Generation Charity Consultancy can, with confidence, align the charity’s risk profile, investment requirements or concerns (e.g. ESG/Ethical) with the most suitable fund manager for that portfolio.

Investment advisers – managing your charity investments and your risk

Generation Charity Consultancy was approached by a non-for-profit client with £2.5m to invest. The charity required access to fully liquid passive solutions with a bespoke fund manager and the total cost – including our fee – needed to be less than 1% per annum.

Assessing their risk as cautious, we were able to identify an active fund manager proposition with expertise within the company across both passive and active solutions.  Due to the passive mandate and our negotiating influence we were able to secure an annual management charge of 0.4% which enabled the fund manager and ourselves to easily meet the sub 1% overall costs.

As Independent F.C.S. regulated consultants, reducing fees, ensuring excellent investment performance and robust risk management is paramount.

* click here for further information on our Central Investment Proposition

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