Managing Life Assurances

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Getting the right provider is crucial, but with many adviser’s charging more for advice than the cost of cover, obtaining the right help can be an issue. Thankfully, it does not need to be that way and help is at hand, with cover specifically designed for smaller businesses.

Life cover for small businesses

We were contacted by a business employing 12 staff based in Dartford. Following the outbreak of Covid-19 the company wanted to start slowly implementing benefits for the wellbeing of their staff and their families. They started with Life assurance as many staff had a young children, but were struggling to find a provider or broker to help them. They approached Generation Employee Benefits following referral from their accountant.

Thankfully, for the client, we have a cost effective ‘off the shelf’ product specifically designed for small business. This provides a set benefit chosen by the clients at a pre-agreed monthly cost. Furthermore, Generation Employee Benefits do not charge a set up fee for this product, there is no underwriting and with just one simple application form to complete by the employer they were up and running.

In addition to the life cover the product includes other benefits such as Employee Support, legal helpline and 1000’s of shopping discounts.

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The employer was able to provide a valuable benefit, without hassle and at an affordable level. Happy employer and even happier staff!

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