Investment target – But whose target?

investment targets

Analytical peer-to-peer reporting from approximately 250,000 live client portfolios will quickly tell us if your fund manager is a consistent performer or a clever illusionist.

In simple terms we believe in ‘trusting the maths’, ensuring your money is invested with confidence.

Target – But who’s target?

A charity with over £15million of long-term investments recently talked to us about their portfolio. They had the total amount invested in one well known charity investment fund. The fund information provided by the fund manager and on their website, confirmed it was keeping pace with their target yield of RPI + 3% per annum.

However, we were able to independently assess and report that the fund was consistently under-performing when compared to its peers investing in the same risk profile*. The charity trusted the figures supplied by the fund manager, which showed acceptable performance, but as we can see this was not so impressive when compared  to their peer group.

Trust can be delivered in different ways, but one consistent thing you can trust is the facts. However, you need to ensure you have all the facts, they are not taken on face value and suitable comparisons are made.


They were able to see that the performance, although meeting targets set by the fund manger themselves, was not great when compared to other fund managers offering the same risk profile.

* click here for further information on our Central Investment Proposition

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