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Regular reviews – It’s the key to success

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For us, it’s easy to demonstrate under-performance or excessive risk, that’s because we have invested significant time and money in a sophisticated performance and risk management tool, which compares data from circa 250,000 client portfolios, helping us deliver an extraordinary review service to our clients.

Regular reviews – It’s the key to success

Vijay asked us to review his retirement savings as he was concerned about existing performance and risk management. He had a number of pension funds with different pension providers and no real idea who was doing well and who wasn’t.

We conducted an analysis of his pension investments and identified no uniform investment strategy. Using our sophisticated investment and risk monitoring tool* we were able to further determine that the combined performance of his retirement arrangements were under-performing based upon the risk taken. It was agreed that we would consolidate Vijay’s pensions into one pension plan and appoint a bespoke Discretionary Fund Manager, who would invest against agreed performance and risk targets.

Once appointed, to ensure the Discretionary Fund Manager is performing consistently well, our review process compares data from 250,000 client portfolios, allowing us to compare quarterly the Discretionary Fund Manager against their ‘Peers’ within the same risk profile.

We are therefore able to report to Vijay on any concerns we may have about his Discretionary Fund Manager and, poor performance or risk management can be identified quarterly, rather than at annual reviews offered by most IFA’s.


With ongoing due diligence we are able to select the very best fund managers and provide regular review, thus ensuring our clients capital is invested correctly now, and in the future. Keeping on top of performance and risk management through regular review is the key to out-performance and ensuring our clients’ money is working hard for them.

* click here for further information on our Central Investment Proposition

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