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Tax planning – Simple if you know how!

When her Solicitor introduced Hannah to us she had recently sold assets at a profit and therefore had Capital Gains Tax to pay. She already had significant taxable income, so was very keen on mitigating as much tax as possible.

After a full audit of her financial and tax position we were able to build an overall plan for her, incorporating immediate tax savings and long-term planning, such as funds for her Grandchildren and her own retirement. By thoughtful planning and the use of regulated tax efficient investment vehicles we were able to defer Capital Gains Tax, reclaim income tax and place proceeds of her sale in tax efficient investment schemes.

This further allowed Hannah to boost her tax efficient ISA and Pension accounts, helping her to achieve her goals of funding for her Grandchildren’s university education and her own early retirement. To achieve targets set by Hannah we used our Retirement and Cash Management Software to build an appropriate savings model built around tax efficiency and risk management.


With professional help clients like Hannah can ensure they are maximising their investment returns and achieving their objectives by thoughtful, but standard tax planning available to all of us.

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