Training Charity with a defensive outlook

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We have demonstrated cost savings and increased investment governance in the following cases;

Training Charity with a defensive outlook

A Training Charity with a £30m portfolio was with a fund manager known for their defensive outlook – paying a 1% annual management fee.

Generation Charity Consultancy assessed the charity to have a balanced risk outlook due to the long-term nature of their investments. We sourced a correctly aligned fund manager with an entry fee of 0.3% p.a. – with our cost included a total of 0.36% p.a.  A saving of 0.64% p.a.

Grant giving charity with a multi asset fund

A £26m charity invested all its funds in one Multi-Asset fund charging 0.65%p.a. – the Generation Charity Consultancy arranged a new solution of just 0.36%p.a. including our fees.

Animal Charity non-ESG fund solution

An Animal Charity invested  £10m in a 1%p.a. non-ESG fund solution without animal testing screening applied.

Generation Charity Consultancy found a suitable solution offering 0.5%p.a. with full ESG process and additional screening requirements on a bespoke mandate.


We know what you should receive from an adviser, but this service is a rare beast.

At Generation Charity Consultancy we are passionate about reducing fees, ensuring excellent investment performance and delivering robust risk management.

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