22 Feb 2021

A guide to ESG and socially responsible investments

Have you considered whether you are as green or ethical in your investment choices as you are in your personal life?

4 Feb 2021

The importance of a strong charity business strategy during recession

Generation Charity Consultancy’s Charity and business financial expert Shai Patel discusses the importance of a robust business strategy moving in to 2021 in increasingly volatile markets

4 Jan 2021

Monitoring investment manager performance

As lockdown 3.0 draws to a close and the Covid-19 vaccine moves closer to becoming a reality, thoughts turn to how the global economy will recover from such a substantial setback. Now more than possibly ever before investment manager performance is being put under the microscope.

27 Nov 2020

Tax – it doesn’t have to be taxing

Tax can be a complex area and getting it wrong can be costly. One of the trickiest areas for charities is VAT.

5 Oct 2020

Independent governance within the charity sector

In this blog Andy Waller, Director of Generation Charity Consultancy discusses the key factors Trustees should be mindful of when making charity investments.

24 Aug 2020

Do Trustees suffer from Buyer’s Remorse?

Buyer's remorse is a form of what is known as cognitive dissonance - a period of mental discomfort caused by conflicting beliefs and attitudes.