DFM Independent Research

If you are considering turning your assets into investments or need someone to manage your current investments, look no further than Generation Financial Services. Based in London, they offer investment advice and management services to clients throughout the UK.

In the UK’s current complex economic climate, the stock market is not as predictable as it has been previously. This is why Generation Financial Services offer the expertise of discretionary fund managers to manage the day-to-day care of your investments. They will continually observe the market and make informed decisions regarding your investments to control risk and maximise performance.

Generation Financial Services conducts independent research at regular intervals throughout the year to source only the best discretionary fund managers and to monitor their services, ensuring that they provide a more than adequate performance. They utilise the industry unique peer performance service via Asset Risk Consultants to monitor and compare performance against the vast range of managers.

They use a due diligence process and assess various aspects including performance relative to risk, risk and asset allocation, succession planning and charges. Generation Financial Services understand that their clients want to optimise the success of their investments by handing them over to a specialist however allowing a third party to make decisions with your assets is a relationship that requires trust. This is why Generation Financial Services are committed to ensuring their investment services are regularly reviewed. They remain an independent service that are not affiliated with any one provider, so they have the flexibility to source only the best discretionary fund managers to work alongside.

To learn more about this service or receive advice on creating a bespoke investment strategy, don’t hesitate to contact one of Generation Financial Services’ financial advisers who will be more than happy to assist you in your enquiry.

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