Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM) Selection Specialist

Are you searching for a DFM to support you with the investment management and ongoing processes of your pension savings or investments? As the leading financial experts in London, we believe in quality and we flourish in the management of our client’s investment. When you require investment advice and are looking at appointing the management services of a discretionary fund manager look no further than here at Generation Financial Services

Many people debate on whether they need professional representation or support with their finances. Even though you may be knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with finances, you can never falter with professional help – especially from professionals who are always working within the financial world. The economic climate is extremely complex, and with the stock market being unpredictable and selecting the right discretionary fund manager to manage the day-to-day care of your investments will ensure that your finances are dealt with, with your best interest in mind.

Discretionary Fund Managers (DFM) will actively provide on-going, active investment management services to ensure that you do not take any unnecessary risks with your investment; reducing most risk with your hard earned investment. As there are 158 Discretionary Fund Managers as recognised by the independent research body – Private Asset Managers (PAM) – we have implemented a rigorous due diligence process. This bespoke process is backed by independent research via Asset Risk Consultants, covering area’s such as size, performance relative to risk and investment processes including risk asset allocation, service benchmarks, succession planning and charges.

If you want to find out more about DFM specialists, continue to our website now. If you have any questions, then do not hesitate to give our team a call on 020 3728 7900.

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