Drawdown Pension Advisers

Everyone is entitled to a pension; it’s our finance when we retire from the hard working life and enter a new phase. Retirement should be about being able to relax and enjoy your free time with your loved one, family and friends. We want this for your retirement, which is why we, Generation Financial Services, offer expert pension advice to the people across London. When you want to find expert drawdown pension advisers, you can always rely on our team of financial advisers.

Because we are an independent financial advising company, our loyalties only lie with the client (you), which means that we are not the product providers company. This means that when we search the market for your suitable pension drawdown arrangement, we will always find the most suited drawdown for you, rather than benefitting a specific product or partner of ours. We specialise in many aspects of financial planning, especially pensions. We like to work on a personal level with our clients; to accommodate to their needs and create a bespoke pension plan.

A drawdown pension is an extremely beneficial pension – which allows investment for the preparation of your retirement, but also allows you to take income from the pension pot if need be. This is possible through flexi-access drawdown and uncrystallised funds pension lump sum. Having flexibility with your pension is key, and this is what drawdown pension offers; flexibility and security.

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