Flexible benefits – to flex, or not to flex?

Flexible benefits (flex) can be confusing and clients initial understanding of what they want and what’s on offer can fluctuate substantially.

Flex can range from a simple voluntary offering though to complex compensation and reward structures. The technology behind many of the systems is dated and restrictive, meaning that obtaining expert advice and the right system is crucial.

Flex, or not to flex? Are flexible benefits right for your business?

A software consultancy based in London sought to implement full flexible benefits for its 350 employees. The company’s plan was to allow employees to swap their existing benefits for other benefits at the employees’ discretion.

They offered a wide range of benefits, so in principle this sounded fine, but the company had not realised that the insurance providers generally require a base level of cover and that Auto Enrolment minimums must still be adhered to. The two main insurers were not able to provide terms, leading to a halt in the clients plans.

Understanding the need for professional guidance in dealing with the finer issues, the company approached Generation Employee Benefits to implement Flex, accepting the need for careful management of provider structure, tax planning, regulator rules and costs. Not forgetting to consider employee engagement.

Generation has undertaken substantial due diligence in the past and constantly updates its research to ensure they only recommend the very best software specifically for the client. In this and every case we were able to select the best system to do the job.

We worked closely with the insurance providers, system developers and the client to ensure that the project ran smoothly and achieved the appropriate level of flexibility required by the client. In addition to the original brief we also implemented online Total Reward Statements, showing the real value of benefits not previously appreciated by the staff.

With the system now up and running on browser and app, staff are able to see all their benefits in one place, download, print or view documents, information, claim forms, and of course see the true value of benefits through total reward.

Each year staff can flex up from base level benefits to their chosen amount based on a set monetary value. This of course gives staff the ability to choose benefits that are important to them.


The client was happy that staff had a more structured view of benefits which helped them to understand what was on offer. HR were delighted, as with Generation Employee Benefits managing the process their workload was reduced, freeing up valuable time for new projects.