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Typically, our clients come to us to have questions answered. No doubt you have lots of questions too; so if you are looking for answers and need a consultancy to provide you with independent and unbiased advice, you have come to the right place.

Below are a few typical questions and case studies, but please feel free to contact us and have your own questions answered.

Flexible benefits

Are flexible benefits right for our business?

Flexible benefits can be a great way for employees to choose the package that is right for them but it's crucial to ensure your company has the right software in place from the start.

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Life Insurance

As a small business how can I afford Life cover for my staff?

We have life assurance policies available specifically for smaller business. With pre-set cost and benefit, no underwriting, and no set up fee, this is perfect for companies new to employee benefits.

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How do I retain my best staff?

A competitive salary, a feeling of being valued and respected and a happy work environment are the main reasons employees stay with an employer. But to retain an edge over your competitors it's important not to ignore the added benefits which employees really appreciate.

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Saving money

How do I run benefits more efficiently?

By outsourcing the management and administration of your benefits you can still retain overall control but increase the efficiency of your team and the benefits process.

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Benefits Planning

Have I got the right benefits for my employees?

Providing the employee benefits package that is right for your employees and is appreciated and valued is crucial. You also need to add value to the business.

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Saving money

Can I save money on my benefit spend?

Yes, absolutely. By ensuring that your benefits spend is invested in the most appropriate employee benefits and that costs and fees are competitive, it means that you can achieve better value for money.

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Pension plans

Can I improve our company’s pension scheme?

Auto Enrolment was introduced back in 2012 and over the last few years we have seen improved terms and better products from many providers. It is certainly worth finding out if your scheme is 'best of breed' or if improvements can be made.

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How can I deliver better financial education and communication?

Providing workshops, seminars and online access to financial education is a wonderful way of supporting staff and positively influencing their financial wellbeing.

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Private Medical

Why do I need benefits consultancy, management and administration when I could go directly to the product provider?

Outsourcing can save time and money but having an expert who knows and understands the whole market working for you,
delivering the right benefits at the right cost and in language your staff understand is priceless.

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Benefits Hub

How can I provide better communication for my staff, whilst also improving administration and saving time and money?

There is little point in offering a great benefits package if staff are not aware of how amazing it is. That is why communication should be at the heart of benefits management and benefits software can certainly help with this.

If you can also improve administration, save time, and implement structure at a very competitive cost, benefits software must be worth consideration.

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