12 Aug 2021

Shortlisted for Corporate Adviser awards

The shortlist for the 2021 Corporate Adviser Awards has now been unveiled. We are thrilled to reveal that the annual awards – which recognise the high quality professional advisory firms in the UK – list Generation Employee Benefits as nominees in the Small Business Firm of the Year category.

15 Feb 2021

Five top tips to motivate your staff

The business environment is increasingly competitive – especially during Covid-19, as many fight to survive the ongoing disruptions. Therefore, it has never been more important to nurture your existing staff, as they are one of your most powerful assets.

27 Nov 2020

Trouble recruiting and retaining talent?

When focusing on attracting and retaining talent, employers need to understand what their employees - current and future - really want from a company.

5 Oct 2020

Living paycheck to paycheck

The act of using most or all of your monthly income to cover expenses – with nothing left to save or to live on – is sadly more common than you would think.

28 Aug 2020

Employee benefit trends during and after Covid-19

It is unsurprising that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on trends surrounding employee wellbeing.