Employee Engagement

Generation Financial Services provides employee engagement consultancy in London and across the UK.

Employee benefits scheme

If you offer your staff an employee benefits scheme, it is important that you communicate the value of the benefits package. Engaging with your employees will ensure they value the benefit spend and could increase motivation, productivity and retention of staff.

Generation Financial Services provides employee engagement consultancy and management. We will always ensure communication is effective and that content is easily understood. We offer a client branded and personalised online or paper-based employee engagement solution and provide key scheme fact sheets for all staff.

Total Reward Statements  

Total reward statements are used to communicate the employee benefits you are offering to your employees and associated costs. As well as basic salary, total reward statements will usually include pension contributions, company car or allowance, private medical insurance, other insurance and protection products, shares, bonus payments and the value of any other benefits that are quantifiable. The statements are usually issued annually, either online or paper-based, and therefore can also be a useful tool in communicating any changes or enhancements to the benefits package.

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