Final Salary Transfer Advice

Are you looking for final salary transfer advice from a trusted independent financial services company in the UK? Here at Generation Financial Services, we are a London based financial team of experts; working hard to offer hard working employers and employees across the UK answers to all their burning corporate and personal financial questions. From tax planning to pension planning, we are experienced and extremely knowledgeable in all fields of financial management.

The popularity of final salary schemes has declined recently, but they are still available with many companies across the nation – mainly larger employers. If you’ve been told that your company runs a final salary pension scheme for its employees, but you’re not sure what it is, then the scheme is mostly a way of providing you with a salary for your retirement. The pension scheme is usually run on behalf of the employers by a Board of Trustees – it’s their responsibility to manage all aspects of the scheme; including the payment of benefits to retired members. The final salary scheme is in place to offer any one looking to retire from employment an income, based on a proportion of your ‘final salary’.

We understand that the prospect of approaching your employer about your finances or salary can be a daunting experience, and that’s why we’re here. By giving our experts a call on 020 3728 7900, you will get your answers answered quickly.

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