Group Pensions

Generation Financial Services offers consultation, implementation and management of Group Personal Pension schemes in London and across the UK.

Company group pension scheme

We provide a corporate pension service to London and UK-based companies, looking at either a new company group pension scheme or those seeking to review and harmonise existing corporate pension arrangements.

Group Personal Pension plans are the most popular scheme available to company’s and provide a tax efficient method of rewarding staff.

Generation Financial Services will select the most suitable corporate pension scheme for your business and choose the most appropriate corporate pension provider. Our service is also member focused and we will hold a one-to-one discussion with all staff members and individually assess their pension options.

Group pension schemes

A Generation Financial Services group pension scheme will usually  take advantage of salary exchange (also known as salary sacrifice), an option that allows an individual to sacrifice part of their salary, which is then paid directly into their pension plan by the employer, thus potentially offering savings on National Insurance. We will also provide advice to your staff on the selection of funds and guide them through the maze of risk and reward in their corporate pension scheme.

To find out how we would work with your business to improve your Company group pension scheme, click here.