Investment Trust Advice

When you require investment trust advice, we would be more than happy to support you through the process. Whether you require an explanation of what it is, or you want some questions answered about investment trusts available, we’d be more than happy to provide you with honest answers and solutions. Investment trusts work when a company raises money by selling shares.

For many people, buying and selling shares is extremely difficult; mostly because there is an element of prediction. It’s a great way to tie up your money into something, but it’s not a guarantee that you will get your money back; you may in fact lose money if the share price drops when you wish to withdraw your money. You will have access to your money at all times, but with shares, it’s an investment, and they’re designed to be utilised as a long term investment (recommended investment for over a five-year period).

We are a financial adviser which is recognised for our expertise and knowledge of investing, and this is why we offer investment advice and management in London and across the rest of the UK. When we look at any investment opportunity with our clients, we will always evaluate your timescale goals, tax situation and the impact of your investment. You may have a preference for your investment, but we’ll be more than happy to review your ideas and suggest any better options available to you.

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