We are pleased to announce the launch of our Trust & Charity Investment Due Diligence service. The reception amongst our existing and new professional connections has been hugely positive and we are encouraged the service is being recognised as highly valuable to those responsible for investing on behalf of others.

So what have we launched?
In response to the new Solicitors Regulatory Authority’s Code of Conduct, FCA targeted reviews of fund management groups and the increased scrutiny of trustee activities, we have developed a superior fixed fee independent service to address all these factors on behalf of Solicitors, Trustees and Charities.

The service could also provide cost savings over existing solutions whilst increasing transparency and stronger governance for all parties involved.

Research has shown that large estates/charities have been underserved with due diligence support on their long term investments and trying to cope with the selection and monitoring themselves is proving difficult and potentially risky with regards to their Trustee Act duties. We have uncovered some common “investment traps” trustees can fall into and also found many portoflios being charged avoidable fund managements fees for no obvious additional value.

Our service aims to ensure investments are correctly managed, appropriately priced and bespoke to the charity/trust. We are confident that we are one of only a handful of IFA’s in the UK offering this level of Investment Due Diligence and expertise to Trustees and Charities by utilizing our access to professional industry analysis of Discretionary Fund Managers (DFM’s).

In summary, we can provide an affordable solution to trustees which helps to demonstrate commitment to their duties under the Trustee Act.

  • We could deliver up to 50% reduction of overall fees (which includes our service) against current solutions on large investments
  • Our service provides trustees with confidence in meeting the following Trustee Act Duties:
    – Investments suitable & diversified
    – Delegation of investment responsibility
    – Duty of Care in selection of Investment Managers
    – Responsibility of safeguarding assets with a higher degree of care than their own
    – Duty to obtain suitable advice
  • Our service will address the disadvantages of going direct into a Common Investment Fund (CIF) which are:
    – Higher, non-negotiable fund charges compared to bespoke DFM’s
    – Additional cost for suitability advice (Some Fund Managers have publicly stated they do not wish to accept business direct in future)
    – No influence over how money is invested or benchmarked.
    – Forced to accept CIF’s investment policy along with all other investors in fund
    – Open ended fund with no direct knowledge of investors timeframe or requirements on capital invested
    – Unable to dictate and agree with fund manager trust/charity individual requirements on Social/Ethical investments
    – Fund reporting is one way with the fund manager supplying information with no challenges.
    – Very unlikely to attend trustee meetings
  • Our service provides the following support for potentially less cost:
    – FCA Regulated, Law Society approved, Independent analysis, selection and ongoing reporting of investment solutions. – Negotiated fees and bespoke DFM portfolio management aligned with trust/charities own objectives, benchmarks and ethical concerns.
    – Documented research & recommendations to provide trustees with evidence trail of decisions and duty of care.
    – Full assessment of settlors & trustees attitude to investment risk and capacity for loss.
    – Quarterly reviews and attendance along with fund manager at annual trustee meetings.
    – Ongoing monitoring and due diligence on DFM portfolio to ensure original brief continues to be met.
    – Increased overall governance and transparency for all parties.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss in full our research findings and how our service may be of value to you or your connections.

Please contact us to learn more.