London Inheritance Tax Advice

When you are planning your inheritance, it’s important to consider all aspects of your finances. It can be a potentially upsetting prospect, but with the expert support of our team here at Generation Financial Services, we’ll be able to help. We’re widely known for our ability to provide London inheritance tax advice, all of which are tailored to your needs and situation.

Inheritance tax planning is an integral part of your personal financial strategy because it allows you to pass on your wealth onto your chosen beneficiary. Our specialist advisors are on-hand to give you the inheritance tax advice to best support you avoid or reduce the inheritance tax.

For your inheritance, we understand that there should be minimum tax on the money – you want to pass your inheritance onto your loved one rather than the taxman. If your estate is worth more than £325,000 per person; whether it’s tied up in property, money or possessions, you can then expect an inheritance tax to take its toll.

As disheartening as it may seem to plan for the time of when you pass away, it is important – you wouldn’t want your money or belongings to go anywhere other than back to your family. Our expert advisors are knowledgeable in the process of inheritance taxes and will be able to help you reduce any taxes you face.

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