London Inheritance Tax Advisers

Are you currently planning your inheritance? If you are and you wish you wish to pass your wealth onto your chosen loved ones rather than the taxman, then it’s important to ensure that you review your assets to minimise the tax that your beneficiaries will pay as a result of the inheritance. If your estate is worth more than £325,000 per person (whether its property, money and possessions) you can then expect an inheritance tax. Here at Generation Financial Services we provide consultation and advice on inheritance tax planning in London and across the UK.

Inheritance tax planning is an extremely important part of your personal financial strategy, especially when you’re deciding on the final location of your accumulated wealth after your passing. Inheritance tax issues need to be addressed and effectively managed as soon as possible to ensure your finances are organised and prepared before your death. Although the thought of planning for times after your death seem slightly depressing, it is important for your family to receive what is left from your years of hard work.

Our specialist advisors are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to financial management, especially for inheritance taxes. They will be able to advise you reduce or even avoid inheritance tax. They will assess your case review your value and structure your estate in order to help mitigate liability to inheritance tax and optimise the passing of your wealth.

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