Specialist Investment Management

Generation Financial Services offers specialist investment management in London and across the UK to give high-earners or those with large value assets access to specialised wealth management, investment and tax planning opportunities.

Specialist investments provide tax privileges and can add considerable value to your financial objectives. However, they are considered high or very high risk with the risk of full or partial capital loss, as some do not have financial services compensation scheme (FSCS) protection and, in some instances, are unregulated by the FSA. Generation Financial Services’ investment specialists will therefore assess your finances and advise if, and what, specialist investment options are right for you.

The specialist investment options we will consider are:

  • Venture capital trust (VCT)
  • Enterprise investment scheme (EIS)
  • Business Premise Renovation Allowance (BPRA)

Generation Financial Services offers independent specialist investment advice and management and is not tied to any one provider or panelled network. This allows us to fully research the market to fit your requirements and produce a bespoke specialist investment plan.

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