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Wealth Management

Our personalised Wealth Management offers peace of mind for you and your loved ones

Helping you to build solid financial foundations for a more secure future

With over 30 years of experience, the Generation Wealth Management team knows how to work closely with you to deliver a financial portfolio tailored specifically to your needs.

Typically, our clients come to us to have questions answered. No doubt you have lots of questions too; so if you are looking for answers and need a consultancy to provide you with independent and unbiased advice, you have come to the right place.

Below are a few typical questions and case studies, but please feel free to contact us and have your own questions answered.


Do I have enough money to fund my retirement?

Funding for retirement will very much depend upon ensuring there is adequate income to cover expenses and provide the lifestyle you desire.

wealth management pensions

Everyone has differing requirements, so to understand how to plan your specific finances now and in retirement, we find the use of sophisticated cash modeling tools invaluable.

With careful planning and budgeting you can ensure you have enough capital to retire and achieve your goals. Our advice is to take proper advice, use planning tools and most importantly start planning as early as possible.

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Am I paying the right level of tax and how can I become more tax efficient?

For most of us, tax has a significant impact on our lives, whether it’s whilst working, in retirement or leaving wealth to our loved ones.

wealth management tax

There is nothing wrong in paying tax and tax receipts certainly help society in general.

Wherever you are in your life cycle, ensuring you are paying an appropriate and fair level of tax and, taking advantage of Government allowances can make a substantial difference to your overall financial planning.

With professional help you can ensure you are maximising tax efficient planning and using the appropriate tax planning tools and products to achieve your objectives.

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Is my money correctly invested and working hard enough for me?

We all want our money to work hard for us and to ensure we are achieving maximum profits with minimal and controlled risk. So how do we know that this is actually happening?

wm investment

Just because your investment looks like it’s doing well and has increased in value, do you know how it is performing against the peer group? Could it have done better?

By employing a professional who can understand how investment managers are performing against each other and who is taking more or less risk for the same return, you can ensure your capital is invested in the right place.

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Life Insurance

Will my family be financially secure if I’m seriously ill or die?

We are all aware of the fragile nature of our existence, even if it’s not something we like to think or talk about.

wm life insurance

Sadly, many of us will become ill - to some extent - during our life time and of course our time on this planet is finite.

It's therefore essential that we all ensure we have appropriate levels of cover in place to protect our loved ones during times of financial stress, such as paying off your mortgage, replacing your income, settling Inheritance Tax or providing fast medical attention.

Despite the advances of the internet and DIY options, employing a professional who can understand how to protect your family and any accrued wealth should the unexpected happen is priceless, as they understand the market and the best solutions for your particular circumstances.

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How can I mitigate Inheritance Tax?

For many of us, leaving your ‘Full Estate’ to your chosen Beneficiaries can be a choice, as there are a number of ways to ensure Inheritance Tax does not erode your hard-earned wealth.

wealth management tax

There is nothing wrong in paying tax and tax receipts certainly help society in general, but most of us, with careful planning, can decide if the full Estate passes to your loved ones or not.

The choice is yours, but by employing a professional who can understand how the rules work and how best to mitigate any tax your Beneficiaries may need to pay, you can be in control of where your wealth ends up on death.

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I am shortly to retire and I want to draw on my pension. There are so many ways I can do this, but what’s right for me?

Pensions are just one of the tools one can use to fund retirement, but since the Government introduced ‘Flexible Retirement Options’, there are numerous options open to you.

wealth management pensions

Understanding how you take money from your pension as well as using other assets to fund retirement is fundamental.

Ensuring your money lasts a lifetime takes careful planning and cashflow management and preferably, planning needs to commence well in advance.

That’s why employing a professional pension expert to help you through this most crucial of times is paramount, as choosing the wrong option can have major implications for your financial wellbeing.

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Should my business fund my pension and is this tax efficient?

Many business owners consider their business to be their pension and, in many cases, assuming an appropriate sale at the right time, this can be true.

wealth management tax

However, alone this doesn’t always prove to be the most tax efficient way to fund retirement.

A business can fund a Director's pension contribution and this could be invested in special, more flexible pensions, specifically designed for Directors of small to medium size companies.

This can prove a very tax efficient and flexible way to save for retirement, protect capital and use funds for alternative uses, such as buying a commercial property for the business to trade from.

Employing a pension professional who can understand how the rules work and how best to plan retirement and also understand your business is crucial.

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With Covid19 highlighting the need for more of a savings culture, am I saving enough?

We strongly believe that generally the savings culture in the UK has been abysmal over the last few decades.

wm savings

Certainly, when the Covid epidemic started many people realised that they would struggle to weather the financial storm. Even those on relatively large salaries battled to pay the bills.

It is imperative for all of us to save for the immediate emergency as well as retirement and the proverbial ‘rainy day’.

We know this is hard for many people, but taking professional advice on how and where to save will help you save tax efficiently and against agreed targets.

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It's all about investment returns!

I am looking to invest, so what's great about Generation Wealth Management's investment proposition?

wm investment

It is certainly advantageous to invest with an Independent Financial Adviser and not a tied agent, as we can offer Whole of Market advice. However, not all IFA’s are the same and it’s essential that you do your due diligence.

We are of course aware that you are going to look carefully at a number of advisers and that’s why we have invested substantial time and money in developing a sophisticated approach to investment governance, thus providing a very different approach to nearly all other advisers.

To acquire and retain your business we know we need to be the best!

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