14 Dec 2020

Understanding SSAS pensions

Small self-administered pension scheme – known as a SSAS – are usually used to provide retirement benefits for businesses with a small number of key staff. In this blog the Generation Wealth Management experts will explain what an SSAS is and when they are most suitable.

27 Nov 2020

How can we plan for the unforeseen?

In this blog, as part of our Ask Andy series, Andy Waller, Director of Generation Wealth Management discusses the steps which can be taken to plan for unforeseen and unexpected life events.

27 Oct 2020

Do you know your current pension age?

Pension age refers to the age at which you can draw your pension without it being reduced because you are drawing early, or increased because you chose to draw it later. 

19 Oct 2020

Are premium bonds still a good investment?

With Premium Bond prizes being cut in December many are asking if they are still a good investment. In this blog our experts examine whether Premium Bonds are finally falling out of favour.

27 Sep 2020

Technology – using it to enhance human interaction

To navigate through life, humans need other humans. Anyone who has negotiated with technology, such as an automated phone system, or slogged through a digital order system is sympathetic to this fact.

24 Aug 2020

The importance of financial planning

In this blog the experts at Generation Wealth Management aim to educate and inform readers as to what financial planning is and why it is so important.

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