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Technology – using it to enhance human interaction

27 Sep 2020

To navigate through life, humans need other humans. Anyone who has negotiated with technology, such as an automated phone system, or slogged through a digital order system is sympathetic to this fact.

Have you ever commented in frustration how much easier it would be if a human being were on the other end of the telephone receiver? In this blog our financial experts will focus on the importance of the human element, especially from a financial standpoint.

In an increasingly digital world, the seemingly unexciting point about the role of humans in our lives becomes profound. So what are we saying? That technology is bad? Definitely not. In many ways technology is the glue that binds humans together; technology created the telephone, the conference call, and video sharing software like Skype and Zoom, allowing us all to connect with others no matter where they are on the planet. Technology brought us the internet, which provides the ultimate opportunity for human connection. It brings people together professionally, socially – through the plethora of social media sites – and even empowers us to sustain relationships across vast physical distances.

Technology can often be used to enhance business relationships. When used strategically, your business can utilise technological tools to enhance relationships with customers. We all use technology to make connections; it’s become such an ingrained part of our culture that businesses struggle to function without it. We’ve all had days where the internet connection goes down, or the phone system glitches, or the email system goes offline. Work becomes harder. So no technology isn’t bad, what is unfortunate is when it is used to replace human interaction.

Finance especially, is an arena where the human element is so important; if you are buying your first home you seek advice from a professional, if you are investing a substantial sum of money you seek advice from a professional, if you want to know whether your pension is adequate to provide for you in retirement, you ask a professional.

Typically, our clients come to us to have questions answered and the personal touch is so important. The understanding that changes in circumstances are to be expected, be it the pinch felt when school fees increase, or the increase in disposable income due to a new job or a promotion. Our experts are trained to help you navigate the twists and turns of life and to ensure your finances are always well looked after.

We understand how technology can pave the way for a more sophisticated service delivery and improved client outcome. But we also understand that the focus on expert advice delivered by trusted and qualified professionals is vital. Our financial experts are supported by sophisticated data modelling specifically designed to increase our clients’ wealth.

The key to enhancing human interaction with technology is ensuring that technology should never replace the human element. No matter how smart technology gets, it will never replace the sincerity and power of a person interacting with another person.

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