Work Place Pension Advice

Do you require work place pension advice? Here at Generation Financial Services, we are renowned for our ability to provide our clients with reliable and honest financial advice; whether it’s for personal finances or employee benefits.

Last year it was decided by the government that each employer must have a workplace pension in place, and now that we’re into 2017, it is imperative for employers to obey by the rules. This is why the government have launched a new campaign to ensure all employees are aware of the law and aware of the automatic enrolment (AE) and workplace pension schemes. The campaign is well underway now, having been formulated on TV and digital adverts.

Every employer in the UK is legally required to have staff put into a pension scheme and then contribute towards it. Many people are still oblivious to the process of the workplace pensions scheme, but the government are hoping that the new advertisement will both educate them and make them question their employer if there is no employee pension in place.

‘Don’t Ignore the Workplace Pension’ motto is what the government want to stick, and we are in full support of this. This is why we’re able to support clients and educate them on the automatic enrolment process.

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