Workplace Pension Advice

As a business owner, you will be aware of the fact that all businesses require the implementation of a workplace pension. If you’re not fully aware of what a workplace pension is or do not know how to go about implementing a workplace pension into your company, you can rely on our workplace pension advice services here at Generation Financial Services. Our team of financial advisers are expert within the field of finance altogether; fully compatible and up to date with the legalities, schemes and laws of finance. They will be able to answer any question that you have, and will also be able to best support you in making an informed decision based on your needs and your company’s needs.

It is never too soon to start preparing for a pension – it’s best to do so as soon as you begin your daily working career. A pension is something which allows you to save money tax efficiently for the time when you do choose to retire; allowing you to live on a healthy flow of income when you do retire. Most people will receive a state pension from the government which covers all your basic needs, however this would not be enough to solely live on. This is why we encourage you to start saving extra money in a pension fund, to give yourself a decent standard of living once you do retire.

There are still many employers who do not offer a work place pension as yet, but over the next few years it is a necessity. Employers over the next few years will have to automatically enrol their eligible employees into a workplace pension plan; this is known as automatic enrolment.

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